Thursday, May 20, 2010

Something to Rue about...

Yes finally it is on the shelves .... OPRAH Magazines June issue.. we did a lovely editorial in Monkey Valley with the lovely Rue from Max Models.. The whole vibe gave me a north American feel ... but hey that's just me. Great team for the day with a great behind the scenes shots thanks to Robyn Cooke. No! I don't poke models in the eye..... OK maybe sometimes.

Something Inspirational

I love when I get an opportunity to go and meet with people who are making a difference to those around them . I was privileged to meet this Grandmother who on a pension of R800 a month is raising 7 Aids orphaned kids in a township the other side of Paarl. Wow! look at this kids...

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Dirty little shoot

There are some dirty aspects to our business which young Mathew found out. Great sport to get into wet clothes and then have a mud make over...

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Bed Rest

Putting in all the hard work behind the scenes on this very serious shoot. This team work diligently to make sure the frill is more than a frill. Plush never looked this good for the Pres Les Dreambook.

Beautiful Taste

Here comes a really wow editorial with a rather fresh take on some of all those fantastic sparkling bits. Styled by the o so talented Rene Lombard for the very open minded GW magazine.


This was such a great shoot. I had the opportunity to do a food shoot with Harald from AUBERGINE in Cape Town. This really fresh and unique shoot was for GW magazine. I saw Harald today and he was really delighted and offered to coach me in an Austrian Goulash, perfect for this winter nights.

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Abigail Clancey for Matalan

I managed to track down some of last years shoot. Matalan get a lot of coverage with her we got the front page and the PAGE 3 of THE SUN.

Setting up for Billboards

Another day and another shoot for WAG Abigail Clancey for Matalan. Swimear is the theme and Clifton is the location. The team are completly toasted from the day before but as usual bring their A GAME :) Looking forward to posting those pictures as soon as they are released.

The Little Pussy Cat

This was the strangest moment ... its the last shot of the day and it is simply not happening. The cheetah wants to lie in the shade and he simply doesent give a damb that we are under the gun to get the money shot so to speak. so just as he stands in position for a moment or two Im ready to shoot, I signal the model to get into the shot .... the cheetah walks straight at me ... whew just brushes past me to the flash pack, takes the pocket wizard trigger in his mouth and walks off. Talk about ending the shoot there and then:)

The Team

Any shoot you are as good as your team... Styling by Robynn Khan, Hair by Mary, Make-up by Debbie, Digital by Crispin and my assistant Matt. Standing here with our clients Carly and Katy and the game handlers Romeo and Tammy.

A Big Moment

Having just completed a recent shoot with WAG Abigail Clancey for Matalan. I got to experience one or two magic moments. One our "Safari" day we went up to Aquila to shoot with the animals. Tough shoot as we had to get 12 epic shots on one day ... as we all know the deal when it comes to working with animals and kids... we on their time. I cant wait to share the pictures but we have to wait for the UK release :(