Thursday, June 3, 2010

Little Edit here and there

Having fun as always in the studio as we shoot the new Editors pictures for OPRAH mag. Rumour had it that Sam didn't like being photographed ... not what I found out. But then again working with Robyn Cooke makes it feel so easy.

Food beautiful food

Fast becoming a favorite genre to shoot ... food and really yummmmmy food. Once again we have been commisioned to shoot with a really good chef Laurent from Bizerca. Wow meets rustica... that is what I can say. The most unassuming character until you taste this mans food.

Oh the fresh face come back

So good to welcome back Abigail to the modeling world after a 7 year absence. She is great and her caliber is truly needed. She is with MAX models.

Time waits for all men

Have just finished a slightly difficult shoot for Neil Doveton over at MENSHEALTH. It was beautiful watch shoot with the title of STYLE WATCH.. :) What made this shoot difficult was the model.. models have a belief that they must just pitch up and that is what matters ... damn wrong .. pitch up and be present, contribute energy and make an effort. never the less always a pleasure to work with Neil, very talented man.